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PRE provides complete plastic flow analysis services for designing a better quality products in less time.Feasibility check , Mold designing input, process setting inputs and helps in trouble shooting of any moulding defects. 




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PRE helps mold designers and mold makers in fine tuning of tool design by suggesting best gate location,type,feed system layout & cooling lay out for better tool design.

PRE facilitates R&D designers to ensure the feasibility of the product design accurately & quickly.

Trouble shooting

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  • Pushpraj Engineering (PRE) undertakes project of product design & development.
  • With our team of experts & vast experience in product designing & mould designing we make sure that the product design & tool design is built with the concept of design for manufacturing(DFM).
  • We review our product design & tool design with the help of latest CAD,CAM & CAE softwares to eliminate any potential risk.
  • That is why our slogan is " PREdict, PREvent, PREview" which explains our process of PREdicting the potential aesthics & dimensional risks at the design stage & proactively make necessary modifications to PREvent from such risks & finally re-run the design validation check to PREview the optimized design.
  • Our Aim is to deliver the best quality of product in less time & cost to our Clients.

Product Designing & Development

PRE helps molders in increasing productivity by optimizing the process parameters of injection molding machine for better part quality in lower cycle time.

PRE conducts detail root cause investigation of molding defects and provides solutions to resolve it.

Mold design validation

Process optimisation


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